Saturday, 29 September 2012

b r i e f :

Imagine that you are on a rock that is rotating at 652mph and travelling through space at 67,000mph. Imagine that this rock is 4.54 million years old, has a mass of 5.9 x 1018 tonnes and is home to 8.7 billion different species.

Imagine that you are located somewhere on that rock within an area of 610 sq miles that is home to 13 million of the rocks most advanced species.
Imagine that your specific location enables you to move freely for over 21 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph and potentially brings you into contact with 192,000 of these advanced life forms every day.
Imagine that you are asked to analyse and record that location with respect to movement, space, and time.
Imagine that you can slow time down or speed it up, or even stop it completely: that you can travel forwards or backwards in time, or create endless loops of time.
Imagine that you select a specific part of that location and propose an intervention that constitutes a ‘Time Machine’.
Imagine that within your ‘Time Machine’ you have the capacity to construct spatial narratives that inherently communicate your values as a designer.
Welcome to Unit 15.

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