Tuesday, 7 May 2013

d l r c i t y _ f i l m t e s t s

c o l l a g e  i n  c i t y  &  c o l l a g e  i n  e d i t _ f i n a l  f i l m

The Advanced Architectural Thesis alowed me to explore cinema, digital cinema, collage in city and collage in edit, looking in detail at exemplar case studies that were able to influence my design techniques and film construction methodologies. 

The prevailing examples explored have heavily impacted the intentions of my final film, allowing me to explore collage and the construction of city spaces. 

As previously outlined, the dlr is the selected site used to construct the sequences in my final film. I am collaging cityscapes and spaces across London to construct a digital edit that encompasses a journey to the DLR city terminus.

The edit begins with introductory sequences of the Docklands Light Railway, and spaces that appear untouched from digital manipulation. As the film progresses, the edits become more obviously collaged and the pace picks up speed to indicate a journey across London City. The film terminates at the DLR termius and all tracks emerge together as the journeys come to an end.

The techniques utilised include the layering of both 2D images and 2D motion footage, constructed in 2.5D space to give the illusion of three dimensional space. Using After Effects, the images are made into 3D layers to position and rotate them across the X, Y and Z axis, implementing camera movements and effects. Collage of time, speed and space are explored, in conjunction with dark and light manipulation.

The consrast in depth of field also provides the scenes with three dimensional authenticity, helping to portray real space-time.

Further tests allow the evolution of sequences as they are revisited through the film, with collage becoming more and more prominent in every showing. The intention is to develop a sequence of journeys through sub-real spaces that can only ever but exist on the cinematic screen.

To quote Lev Manovich, the intention for the final film is to create; “Something which is intended to look exactly as if it could have happened, although it really could not...”

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