Tuesday, 2 October 2012

c h r o n o g r a m

The above drawing is my first attempt at mapping a chronogram for the Chemical Brothers Star Guitar Video. Has anyone ever tried to make a literal mapping of something that actually doesn't exist in reality? At first glimpse, and many viewings thereafter, I did not fully comprehend the techniques involved to construct this master piece! It took hours of mapping the towns and lanscapes of the French countryside to learn that most of the footage, stills and architectural objects within the piece had been fabricated, repeated and manipulated. I found merely 3 stills of the 4 minute piece that were a true representation of the train journey between Nimes and Valence, Pierrelatte's Station being one of them!
The drawing shows a sequence of built objects found in the video, mapped out on Graph Paper. Each sequence is repeated 4 times to replicate the 4 minute duration. The audio track is made up of 126 beats per minute, and 504 beats for the total duration, The graph layout grid denoting this scale.
The SLR wireframe shown in the glass reflection shows that the camera position is static, and does not move or rotate throughout the entire piece. This is also replicated on 4 occasions, capturing 4 stills of the composition that fall within the landscape...or not as the case may be!
The visual audio wave travels through the lens of the SLR's, fading and sharpening as the stills appear alongside the railway route.

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