Saturday, 13 October 2012

p o p l a r i n t e r c h a n g e 2 4 0 0 h r s

Project 1.1 | Space Time Analysis


This animation is a space time analysis, recording movement transitions of space through time.

The given site is the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). This is made of four main lines running through Poplar interchange. This station is central to the four intersecting lines, which is the reason for placing my site survey in this location.

Over the selected 2400 Hours, the DLR runs for approximately 17 Hrs (beginning at 06:50 and finishing at 23:47), running through four platforms of the Poplar interchange. A train will pass each platform exactly 100 times during this 2400 hour period, calculating 400 journeys in total.

From the origin to the final destination of each sectional line, this is my interpreted record of the site through a single intersection.

A single hour at 1200 Hrs was used to recorded the movement of the DLR.

This sequence was taken and subsequently manipulated to represent the 100 journeys travelling through each platform, totalling 400 separate journeys across the 2400 Hr period. This single hour has been condensed to record the space time analysis, plotting the movement transitions of space through time, into a 60 second animated clip.

The genuine carriages representing realtime, remain in sequence and exactly as they appeared through the hour record. The additional carriages used to represent the 2400 Hr period are evidently apparent...

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